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Castle Communication Services are providers of high standard training courses in support of the development of training in communication with Deaf people and cover the whole of the Yorkshire region.

CCS is a deaf run organisation based in Selby, by a deaf professional for deaf people providing high quality services throughout Yorkshire. We know the difficulties deaf and HOH people face in the community and know our service is unique; our philosophy is to ensure the provision of equality and fairness in services that deaf people use in every day life by enabling and empowering and establishing a better understanding of specific needs.

Our services provide first hand expertise of highly trained deaf tutors supplying specific needs to service providers, voluntary organisations, individuals and groups by developing advocacy and strengthening the bond between sign language users by meeting at local venues.

Service we offer : 

British Sign Language

Level 1 Award in BSL

Level 2 Certificate in BSL

Level 3 Certificate in BSL

Level 4 Certificate in BSL

Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL

Re-sitting Examinations

BSL and English Interpreters

Communication Support Worker

Deaf Relay Interpreter

Note takers


Private Tutorial

Professional Consultants


Deaf Awareness Training

BSL Bootcamp

Tailor-made BSL Courses

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